Impeachment inquiry: Prediction: Nothing will happen

Oh no…it’s happening Speaker Pelosi has called for an impeachment inquiry

After every attempt to unseat and defame Trump for the past two years has failed, investigating Trump’s supposed interference with Ukraine aid is the left’s latest angle of attack. The left’s desperation is really showing that they need to invent a scandal to try to save their 2020 front-runner, and try to take down Trump at the same time. This will only backfire by exposing the left’s, including Biden’s, own corruption.

My prediction is, this will go nowhere. I would even go so far as to say it’s DOA.

Everything is going well for Trump thus far:

Trump cleared of collusion

Strong economy

Strong stock market

Geopolitical peace and stability domestically and abroad

Some progress on trade and China

Trump is respected by major foreign leaders

Given all these positives, maybe the most the left can hope for is Trump’s approval rating, which is at a 2-year high, falls maybe 1/2 percent.

This is not even an investigation, but rather “an inquiry into a possible investigation if possible laws were broken, that may possibly lead to a possible decision about whether to possibly proceed with impeachment at some indeterminate time, possibly…” yeah, I’m sure Trump is really trembling at that. It reminds me of 2006 when similar proceedings were made against George W. Bush, which predictably went nowhere.

Now not just to pick on the ‘left,’ a narrative by the ‘right’ is that trying to impeach Trump is too risky for the dems. This argument has never made much sense to me. By such logic, Gore should have won in 2000. Trying to impeach Trump will embolden the right, but it will also embolden the left, too.