Woke capital does not make sense. It is not supposed to.

Looks like I was right yet again 2 months ago telling people to buy Google stock on the dip over fears of a supposed anti-Trust investigation.

Spoiler alert: nothing will happen.

There’s not going to be any investigation. No one has the impetus to do it. Ppl complain about social media censorship and monopolies, but no one wants to do anything, not that they can, because the burden of proof is very high and the process very long-drawn-out and expensive. Trump can tweet about Google manipulating results, or about Amazon coasting the USPS money, or hold social media summits, but nothing will come of it.

Google stock surged 10% last week on yet another quarter of huge earnings (for something like 15 years strait), making a new high at $1200/share. (Note: when the A and B class shares are added, the price is more like $2,400/share, versus $100 after the IPO in 2004, which is just mind-blowing).

5, 10, 15 years from now, when Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. are worth $2-5/trillion apiece, people will still be complaining the same stuff the are now. Disclosure: I have been long Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other’fang’ stocks for quite awhile, and is a sure-fire way to profit from the inevitable takeover and partitioning of America by tech companies as part of the transition to a type 1 civilization status. If you can own shares of one of a dozen or so companies that will compose such a new government, it would probably be a good investment.

“Why does Disney keep changing the characters?”

“Why do these companies keep pandering to these tiny demographics and activists on the left, when clearly it should be bad for earnings to alienate/annoy half the adult population?”

Consider that:

-YouTube keeps de-monetizing, de-platforming, and shutting down accounts and content creators for arbitrary reasons with no hope of appeal in most cases, yet investors are unfazed even though such demonetization costs Google money.

-Nike releases an ad campaign that turns half the nation against it, yet sales and the stock price keeps surging.

-Disney releases movies in which all or most of the original characters are rewritten to be queer POC, and it grosses $1 billion worldwide despite queer POC being only .1% of the general population (I made that figure up, but my point it, it’s really small).

It’s not supposed to make sense. That’s why through this blog I am trying to explain it. That’s why ‘clownworld’ is a meme.

Obviously, ‘wokeness’ is not hurting these companies. Google, Disney, Nike, Microsoft, and Facebook are money-printing machines. YouTube terminating some accounts is immaterial to Google’s bottom line provided that the advertisers keep shelling out big bucks, and cost per click prices keep rising, and people keep clicking the ads. Same for Facebook, which despite employing some of the smartest people in the world in terms of IQ, relies on low and average-IQ people to both bid on overpriced ads and click Facebook and Instagram ads. Most of these people don’t even notice when they are clicking the ads, and do so accidentally because they cannot tell the difference between normal content and ad-content. As long as these revenue streams from predominantly low and average-IQ consumers and ad-clickers remain uninterrupted, these companies can otherwise act impunity to push their political agendas.