Capital rules the world

Online, strong opinions about issues such as immigration, the national debt, student loan debt, tariffs and China, internet privacy and surveillance, gun control, abortion, etc., are commonplace. Pundits such as Alex Jones go on long rants about the encroaching power of the state, about the overreach of CIA and FBI, about the ‘Chicoms’, and how America is on the verge of collapse, if it has not already collapsed (yet somehow in spite of the supposed collapse and destruction of America, the phones lines and credit cards always seem to work when buying the junk Alex peddles on his show).

To have strong opinions means having a strong sense of morality, about what is right versus wrong, and about how society should be.

Just as, to quote Ben Shapiro, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” neither dopes capital. And we’re living in a world and society increasingly dominated by capital–be it the booming stock market, the strong US economy, stratospheric web 2.0 valuations and IPOs, or consumer spending. One’s idealization about how society should unfold based on some sort of code of morality, is of little importance.

Peter Schiff and Vox Day also have been predicting collapse for years, too, and keep being wrong, becase the rules of capital dictate that the national debt is sustainable even though many people wish it weren’t or believe it isn’t.

Trump does not care that much about immigration or other moral and hard-to-quantify issues, but rather about the stock market making new highs, strong GDP growth, the size and strength of the US military, and low unemployment–things that are objective and quantifiable–which is why he keeps tweeting about them. I call it the ‘tough shit’ economy and presidency. Want sweeping border control and draining the swamp? Tough shit. Capital rules, so low taxes, low interest rates, and a rising stock market it is. That is good for investors such as myself, yet I can understand the frustration of other Trump supporters who wish he would do more about social issues such as immigration and tech censorship.