China’s “Social Credit System” is probably coming to the US

There has been a ton of news lately regarding China’s social credit system:

China’s new ‘social credit system’ is a dystopian nightmare

Although China’s government is ostensibly communist, many American conservatives share China’s affinity for using ‘big government’ programs to promote social order and national security, such as the ratification of the Patriot Act following 911. I can see China’s credit system catching on the the US and someone like Trump or his successor implementing such a system. Because of how similar America and China are culturally (and will become even more similar in the future), it only seems inevitable that America will adopt a similar system.

America already has limited forms of social credit:

Credit score
Educational attainment, choice of major
Personal net-worth
Social media followers and influence
Social media post history

The last item is already used by the left to get people fired for holding certain political views.

Public criminal background checks and the no-fly list are examples of precursors to a full-blown, codified social credit system that may be much more potentially restrictive and revelatory. Imagine an app that by using facial recognition reveals almost anyone’s social credit score, and then this score not only gives the above information, but also other details.