Julian Assange

Given that the charges against Julian Assange don’t mention espionage, Russia, or 2016, and that all he did was ‘aid’ in hacking (in agreeing to assist Manning in cracking a password stored on United States Department of Defense), it’s not even clear what, if any laws, were broken.

A lot of people are speculating if Trump will pardon Assange, and many of Trump’s online supporters want him to, but given that Trump is so pro-defense and pro-Israel (as all neocons are), and given Assange’s connection with Chelsea Manning–he most certainly won’t.

Indeed, Trump has a done a 180, from in 2016 praising Wikileaks, to now pretending to not know anything about it. The whole thing is perplexing; of course, he knows what Wikileaks is, just as he still knows who Ann Coulter is. My guess s, when he changes his mind on an issue, he pretends to forget his earlier stance.

There is no ‘secret plan’. Vox Day, for months, has been saying that Trump will do something; he won’t. I remember months ago, in Feb 5th, 2019, after yet another State of the Union Speech, everyone said this was it, Trump will do something; he still has yet to deliver. Then during the Jan 2019 shut-down when he caved-in, people thought he would do something (to give him 48 hours)–still waiting. Trump has made it abundantly clear through his actions and inaction that he does not care that much about his most loyal supporters, who in 2015-2017 risked their reputations and even risked bodily harm, to help him win.