Trump administration nearly doubles H-2B guest visa program

Trump administration nearly doubles H-2B guest visa program, which brings many Mexican workers:

Even left-wing publication The Mercury News is calling Trump out for being a sell-out:

“It’s ironic that Trump is demagoguing and railing against a so-called dangerous and scary flood of migrants and caravans from Mexico and Central America, and even threatening to shut down the border, while at the same time using his legal authority to grow a guest worker program by nearly 50 percent,” said Daniel Costa, director of immigration law and policy research at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute.


A major theme of Trump’s presidential campaign was that foreign workers were stealing U.S. jobs, but lately he has said it might be necessary to bring in more guest workers because the economy is doing so well that companies can’t find enough people to fill jobs. The unemployment rate, at 3.8 percent, is near a 50-year low.

The ‘left’, which is typically pro-immigration, is now calling out Trump for selling out on immigration. This means the left is temporarily working against their own interests on immigration to show how disloyal Trump has been to his supporters regarding immigration, in the hope of lowering Trump supporters’ morale.

I still think Trump will win in 2020, but he’s shaping out to be Bush III. I guess he hopes his supporters will not notice, and most won’t.

Between this, his unfailing support of Israel, his hawkish foreign policy and threats, empty gestures of populism that he has predictably reneged on, he is indistinguishable from the typical neocon, as astutely predicted in mid-2017. I was right about MAGA being dead, and we can no longer blame this on Congress as we have done in the past when Trump fell short.

Even Tucker is black-pilling on Trump:

3.1K ‘up-votes’ and 271 ‘down-votes’, so a lot of people agree.

I think Trump is actually too concerned with being reelected, which is why he’s always backtracking and backing-down (except for foreign policy). He is too risk averse, so he’s deferring to the experts who guide his foreign and domestic policy. Trump knows he will be reelected on the strength of the stock market and economy, so his goal for the next year and half is to not mess up these picturesque economic conditions. This also agrees with my 2017 posts about Trump not wanting to do too much.

Trump and his advisers also know that most voters do not care and or are oblivious about the minutia of policy, but that sentiment, signalling/conveying action and toughness, and tribal/political affiliation/loyalty are much more important. Most America score poorly on surveys of basic knowledge of history, policy, and current events. As discussed in pundit disconnect, pundits, who tend to be above-average IQ and more informed than the typical voter, think that their frustrations and calls of hypocrisy are shared by most voters; they are not.