Is MAGA over? It feels like it

From Roosh V Forum , Trump is going to wait until after 2020 to do anything about healthcare.

He had a technical majority for two fucking years.


Now, they are just getting around to “developing” a plan and won’t even make a push for it until after maybe the 2020 elections?


“Developing” my ass…what the fuck were you doing in 2016 and 2017? Oh… I forgot… getting our embassy in Jerusalem.


I get it… make it an election issue in contrast to medicare for all and that the GOPe congress has zero interest in dealing with this but this whole situation is very disappointing nonetheless. He acknowledges it’s a big issue but after dropping the ball for the first two years after only a token effort with a technical majority, his grand plan now is to put everything off for another two years and hope to get his technical majority back? That’s not winning. That’s retarded.


Trump 2020 = Vote for me again and I’ll do what I was suppose to do in 2016. But hey guys, how about that embassy and Golan Heights deal I got ya?


This is strike 1 for post-Mueller Trump.

Yeah, but he ended his tweet with an exclamation point. That means we’re supposed to be excited.

Trump shifts on border shutdown threat:

President Trump on Tuesday appeared to pull back from his threat to close the U.S. southern border this week as his administration struggles with how to stop an influx of Central American migrants from entering the country.


Trump told reporters in the Oval Office he would shutter the border if he cannot reach a deal with Congress to pass stricter immigration laws, a retreat of sorts from his threat last Friday to close all or part of the frontier unless Mexico stops migrants from crossing.


The president offered a vague answer when asked if he intends to close the border, saying, “I haven’t made that intention known. And I’m ready to close it if I have to close it.”


Trump’s comments also keep open the possibility of closing the border at some time in the future, but he was unclear about the criteria that would trigger the move.

It’s interesting how Trump’s foreign policy game is so much tougher than his domestic policy. This is why it’s not even worth covering this stuff, because you know nothing will come of it. Unless it concerns Israel, it’s all bluster and Twitter threats. Guys like Vox Day argue that by Trump winning, a possible war with Russia was avoided [which I’m skeptical about, because no one has any way of knowing what Hillary would have done had she won], but you can be sure he will start a new Middle East war a moment’s notice at the behest of Bibi or his advisers if Israel’s interests are threatened. You cannot be both anti-war and pro-Israel.

In the comments, people are grumbling that “this is not what they voted for,” but since when did our opinions ever matter in this. All we’re good for is our vote and nothing more. Only Bibi’s opinion matters, as well as Bolton, Kushner, and the handful of other people Trump defers to.

The problem, possibly, is that Trump’s too cautious, so he is always deferring to experts and capitulating regarding domestic policy if things become too heated, because he does not want to mess up and possibly lose in 2020. He just wants to get his first term done without rocking the boat too much, so he defers to experts even if they hate him and don’t have his agenda in mind. He constantly talk about the stock market because that is one of the obvious successes of his administration. He’s self-conscious about his public image. Trump is someone who, despite his divisive persona , really wants to be liked by a lot of people. That explains why he ended the shutdown because he was worried that if it went on too long that he would lose the support of voters who are govt. employees or are sympathetic to them, even though the overlap is negligible.

Another poster writes:

Trump cucked on closing the southern border. He’s now giving Mexico a “one-year warning” to clean their act up before taking any action (because the 2 years they’ve already had hasn’t been enough). Who wants to bet nothing happens in 1 year?

MAGA is dead, boys. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just denying reality at this point. It is what it is. We had some fun times while it lasted.

Here is the original story. This and others agrees with my earlier post about the first term of the Trump presidency being effectively over. One trend I have noticed is, if it involves Mexico or China, there is tons of room for negotiation, compromise, and delay, but anything involving the Middle East or other countries, and the bare fists come out and there are actual ultimatums and threats that are backed by action rather than just words, such as Trump putting sanctions on Turkey to get the pastor back, as well as sanctions on Russia and Iran for “coordinating with Russia to provide oil to Syria”.

Trump appointing two Supreme Court Justices (and possibly a third if RBG kicks the bucket) and many judges, are ‘wins’, but as Roberts’ infamous defection on Obamacare showed, one cannot make predictions based on party alignment alone. Tax cuts and less regulation are also wins (and they benefit a lot more people than just the 1%).

From politico Trump’s war on regulations is real. But is it working?

What Trump has actually done is something else: Rather than repealing old rules, he has put a cork in the federal regulatory process, slow-playing rulemaking and in many cases stopping it entirely. According to a POLITICO analysis, the White House’s regulatory office has approved just 156 regulations since Inauguration Day, a huge drop compared with the Obama and Bush administrations: The office approved 510 rules in Barack Obama’s first year. For George W. Bush, it was 445.

Good news aside, one of many problems with democracy is you vote for a candidate to do “X” and you get either “Y”, lower-case/diluted version of ‘x’, or nothing. I have always suspected democracy was a sort of sham or shell game, which is why have only ever voted once (it was not in 2016). But this further confirms my suspicions.