Taleb: Dr. Peterson is a charlatan

Nassim Tooleb reveals himself to be a liberal by calling Dr. Peterson a charlatan:

[I don’t pay that much attention no Taleb, but I saw several people talking about this, and it finally confirms Taleb’s ill-will towards Dr. Peterson]

Here is the video in question (although Taleb says it’s not about the video):

Dr. Peterson is spot on. The problem is not a lack financial capital, but rather a lack of cognitive capital, as discussed in Not Smart Enough to Succeed: IQ Inequality = Income Inequality. Blaming the rich or wasting more money on costly social programs such as education will not change the fact that millions of people by virtue of IQ not smart enough to participate meaningfully in an increasingly competitive and automated economy. Yet, for better or worse, the only solution (aside from negative eugenics and immigration restriction) is unfortunately more welfare and remittances. Free college and skills training will not work for people who are not smart enough to benefit.

Taleb needs to explain himself further, and Dr. Peterson should demand that Taleb do so.

More nonsense from Tooleb:

He says “Without @Amazon you would have never heard of me,” but If memory serves me correctly, I bought The Black Swan in 2007 from a Barnes and Noble, years before Amazon’s self-publishing platform, which was released to the general public in 2009. Fooled by Randomness was published in 2005 by Random House and also sold in major bookstores, not just Amazon. The left is so habitual that they have to lie about the most petty of things, even when there is nothing to be gained by it or the lies are manifestly obvious and easy to verify. I Will do a post about Oliver Lee Bateman, a no-name journalist and critic of Trump who in response to the death of King Kong Bundy recalls watching him fight at Wrestlemania 2 in the 80’s (even though he would have only been 3 years old at the time). Why lie about that. Jussie Smollett…another one.