So where is the wall?

Ann Coulter understandably is pissed that Trump has made no progress on the wall.

The lack of progress is not surprising. I predicted in August 2017 there would be no wall, although I knew even well before then it would not happen. A continuous, permanent 2000-mile border wall is a colossal undertaking. If completed, it would be the biggest man-made structure ever, second only to the Great Wall of China. Did anyone realistically expect such a thing would happen? Border military did however erect 170 miles of barbed razor-wire fence along common illegal entry points, which is probably good as it’s going to get, and in my opinion and in the minds of voters, a success. Trump can show footage of the wall, and voters will agree that it is indeed a wall. And it’s not like the left can hold Trump accountable for only building 170-mile wall instead of a 2000-mile one.

As for an actual continuous and permanent border wall, Trump faces major hurdles. If he loses, then his successor will certainty scrap the project completely. Trump does not want to invest time , energy, and money into something that has a 50% chance of even getting off the ground. Construction of such a big wall will take years; what if Trump loses and the wall is only 1/6 built. Then what. For any hope of a wall that will outlast him, it needs to be codified into law. So there need to be a bill that would appropriate funds and set a timetable for construction, and undoing it would require fifty one percent of both houses of congress. Given the midterm results and that the GOP is divided regarding the wall, getting a wall construction bill through is extremely unlikely. Trump would have to convince Congress that illegal immigrants are a national security threat that necessitates a wall. I don’t see that working either.