The threat is Islam, not China

Fred Reed and Vox Day predict “America will lose“:

The USA has to give up its empire and its Israel First foreign policy or it is going to be militarily defeated within the next 15 years. In fact, it is now possible that the breakup in the 2030s that I have predicted for nearly two decades will be triggered by that military defeat rather than by the economic collapse that I assumed.

In addition to the misuse and abuse of the US military for the last 17 years, China has systematically weakened the US military infrastructure under the aegis of US trade policy. The Red Army has clearly learned the lesson of WWII, which is that industrial infrastructure will defeat training, esprit de corps and tactics. The Pentagon has belatedly realized that this is a serious problem, but the dumbing down and demoralization of the US population due to immigration renders it largely unable to even begin addressing it.

I remember listening to talk radio and people said that very same thing 10-20 years ago, especially after 911 and in 2008-09. “America is finished!” “There will be another attack!” And nothing happened. All that fear mongering for nothing. The only people who came out ahead where the hosts, who made million of dollars profiting from listener’s fears. Same for Glenn Beck, Peter Schiff, and the rest of these crisis-peddlers. They are always wrong because they are in the business of selling advertising, overpriced gold, books, and other crap, not being right. People who invest have to be right, or they lose money. The click-powered media makes money whether they are right or wrong, which is why the state of journalism is so bad.

I agree Israel plays an oversized role in policy, but that does not mean it will end in crisis or that the U.S. will be at war with China.

I wish there were a way to take the opposite side of this prediction. So many people are predicting crisis and conflict as it pertains to China, but I emphatically believe nothing bad will happen. Due to the strength of the US dollar over the past year, trade with China has actually increased since the tariffs.

The numbers tell a different story. In September, Americans bought $34 billion more worth of Chinese goods than they sold in return, according to data from China’s customs agency published this morning. That’s the biggest monthly trade surplus the Middle Kingdom has ever run with the US.

The Middle East is a much worse situation than China. China, especially the rich and middle-class Chinese, are trying to emulate America and American culture whereas these Islamic countries are pushing away, the legacy of Jimmy Carter and the Iranian Revolution still reverberating. China is one of the biggest importers of U.S. culture. If there is a crisis, it is not going to arise from civil unrest or China, but rather due to Islam. Just last week, Trump and Xi Jinping reached a tentative trade agreement. China needs the U.S. far more than we need China. That is why the Chinese leadership want to work with Trump, because Trump has the leverage.

Also number of terrorists attacks comitted by Chinese against Americans and Europeans: zero. Number committed by Muslims: over a hundred.

If there is collapse, Europe, given its weaker economy and weaker private sector, will fall before China and the U.S. does. America is further from the drain than Europe, Russia, and South America.

A common argument is that China is facing demographic crisis due to excess males, who may be disenfranchised. However, China, for centuries, due to cultural factors, has always had a 3-5% excess of males to females, yet that has not stopped its economy from growing.