Jordan Peterson Misfires

This tweet is generating a ton of discussion and is interpreted as betrayal by some:

A related tweet by Bret Weinstein calling Kavanaugh ‘entitled’ (which is the type of labeling that the IDW is supposed to oppose) was also poorly received:

With the exception of his commentary about “biological essentialism” (such the immutability of IQ and gender) and the evils of tyranny, Dr. Peterson’s views tend to be somewhat ambiguous. When pressed about his own faith or the existence of Jesus, his answers can be evasive. He seldom avails himself to binary ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reasoning, but rather everything is on a spectrum, and he tends to equivocate a lot. So I’m sure he has a nuanced explanation of what he really meant. He probably means that because the vote was close (51-49), rather than being a super-majority, Kavanaugh does not have a mandate and his tenure will be stained by lingering doubt. He should therefore resign to avoid such ambiguity and division. He clarified this in a follow-up tweet:

I disagree. He got enough votes, so therefore he should be confirmed as per the law [technically he has no been confirmed yet, but he has secured enough votes].

And as Cernovich points out, should Peterson capitulate to his most vocal left-wing critics to ‘clear his name?’

Dr. Peterson is a prolific tweeter (13k tweets compressed into roughly 2 years), so some tweets are guaranteed to be duds. In his videos, Dr. Peterson rails against tyranny, but the ironic thing is, the nomination of Kavanaugh exemplifies the very ‘enlightenment’ ideals Dr. Peterson himself extols. The system of checks and balances worked. Kavanaugh was vetted, all the evidence scrutinized, etc., and based on the the totality of testimonies, Kavanaugh was cleared in possibly the most democratic, decentralized way possible, short of a referendum.

However, I predict however Dr. Peterson’s popularity will not be hurt by this. The reason is, Dr. Peterson’s popularity has not so much to do with his own words, but what he represents/embodies, which is a backlash against identity politics, which is a lot bigger than any one person.