Blacks and the Media Narrative

From Vox Day The end of empire:

There’s also the fact that whites are getting wise to what’s happening and public trust is plummeting. A volunteer army not only relies on patriotism, but it relies on civic duty. It is why we still call military service a duty. Some still call politics “public service” even though no one is so naive these days. The point is, like patriotism, civic nationalism is a social contract. Both parties have to uphold their end of the deal in order for it to work. It’s why blacks lack patriotism and they have never been willing to join the military.


The black issue is one to understand. We are constantly bombarded with propaganda about the heroic blacks in the military, but blacks have always been under represented in the services. Blacks, of course, are leading the charge against the national anthem. It’s not just a stunt by coddled athletes. Blacks in America have never felt a sense of duty to the country, which makes perfect sense, given the nature of black identity. If you see society as dominated by the people you hate, why would you feel loyalty to society?

There is a myth perpetuated by the left that blacks harbor a deep-seated resentment against whites and America due to supposed racism, the legacy of slavery, black nationalism, and other factors. Such resentment is false, as it turns out. BLM is not nearly as popular among blacks as the left-wing media makes it seem, and many blacks don’t wish to be lumped with those malcontents. Same for black nationalism/identity (Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, etc.).

As evidence of the unpopularity of BLM, especially among black men, a couple years ago when BLM activists were arrested for blocking traffic, according to, out of 48 mugshots there is just a single black male and four black women:

When Kanye West a few months ago praised Scott Adams and Donald Trump, the greatest backlash and anger was not from blacks but–you guessed it–white liberals. By my estimate, reading comments and such, at least 75% of blacks supported or were indifferent to West’s remarks, and maybe only 15% were upset. White liberals don’t understand that the very minorities they pander to don’t share their culture of victimization and outrage, and are trying to earn a living instead of being weighed down by bitterness and resentment. Despite all the media attention he gets, Ta Nehisi Coates don’t speak for the majority of blacks, or even a small fraction of them, and his fans are overwhelmingly white liberals who read The Atlantic and The New Yorker. When overpaid crybaby Colin Kaepernick disgraced the National Anthem by kneeling, it was mostly white liberals who rushed to his defense, not blacks.

On user-generated video sites such as World Star Hip Hop that cater a black viewership, there is no sympathy for blacks who break the law or provoke the police into attacking them by resisting arrest or being combative. Fights and pratfalls are also featured, with many comments on Reddit and Imgur about how the ‘victims’ in these videos brought the humiliation upon themselves. Blacks who break the law and humiliate themselves by being stupid and causing a scene, especially when such guilt is overtly obvious for the world to see on video, should not expect sympathy from other blacks.

And there’s Cnadace Owens, whose tweets are more popular than probably all BLM activists combined, and her biggest fan happens to be black.

Regarding blacks being underrepresented in the U.S. armed services, the opposite is true, which goes against the thesis that blacks harbor antipathy towards America:

Although blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population, they make up about 18% of servicemen. This is even more impressive considering average black IQ is around 85 [based on decades of research and dozens of studies, including tests specifically designed to have as little cultural bias as possible], so only about 50% of blacks are smart enough to be able meet the minimum IQ cutoff for enlistment, versus 85% of whites (assuming a normal distribution). Based on IQ scores and population, we would expect blacks to be only 6% of servicemen, so blacks are over-represented by 200%! It’s very easy to be seduced by the leftist narratives, especially when it confirm one’s own biases, but one should always double check.