Ben Shapiro – Is AMERICA on the BRINK of COLLAPSE? No

Even though many people on the far-right do not like Ben Shapiro, in this video he is right. There won’t be collapse, nor are we on the brink of civil war (as this blog correctly predicted in 2016).

Guys like Vox Day and others who say that we’re living in ‘extraordinary times’ and or subscribe to a more eschatological worldview, may be suffering from ‘recency bias’. The media creates the false impression that everything is worse than it is, and or that the events are are unfolding now are unique to history, urgent, and pivotal, when they are often not. One needs to put the present in the proper historical context. But collapse and revolution would be more interesting.

Ben Shapiro may be a ‘cuck’, but if he’s right, then he’s right. I would rather listen to someone who speak unpleasant truths but is right, than someone who tells me what I want to hear but is habitually wrong.

From Kevin Williamson’s cold dose of reality:

I completely agree with this statement, which echoes my earlier posts about how there won’t be crisis, civil unrest, economic collapse, or revolt in America despite all the premonitions by pundits of how America is supposedly in a uniquely perilous position in its history–it’s not, and by a wide variety of metrics America is in pretty good shape and is demonstrably outperforming much of the rest of the world, such as in terms of economic growth, stock market gains, low inflation, demographics, STEM research output, technology & innovation, and so on. But such optimism is, in and of itself, a controversial statement, because both sides–the left and the right–don’t want to be told that the status quo will continue. They seek crisis to reset a system that they perceive (and with good justification) as being rigged or conspiring against them, and telling them it won’t happen is not what they want to hear, which is what Mr. Williamson does.

Immigration is not going away. No amount of keyboard-pounding will stop the flood. No amount of getting mad about stuff will change anything.