Trump Impeachment Odds Now the Lowest Ever

Looks like I was right again, in early 2017 predicting Trump would not be impeached.

As the Muller investigation showed, The DNC hacks had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign, but rather were the result of Russians hacking Podesta’s email account, although in Podesta’s defense, phishing emails are realistic enough that many cannot differentiate between real and fake emails. The hackers spent $95,000 in Bitcoin on server equipment and other hardware in order to execute the hack and propagate the data, which in retrospect they probably regret given how much Bitcoin has gone up. The opportunity cost meant they effectively paid $1.5 million for that hardware, although helping Trump win may have been worth it anyway.

The Russians conspired to launder the equivalent of roughly $95,000 through cryptocurrency transactions to help facilitate the purchase of infrastructure the hackers used to conduct their campaign, the indictment alleges, adding that the Russian officers did so to “capitalize on the perceived anonymity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.”

This site spends $10/month on its server, by comparison.

This pretty pretty dooms the left’s hopes of Trump being impeached, because there was no communication with the Trump campaign, and when the hack took place Trump had not yet secured the nomination. The hacks occurred in March but Trump would not be nominated until May 26, 2016. Further absolving Trump of guilt, APT29 (Cozy Bear), one of the hacking groups, infiltrated the DNC as early as July 2015.

Almost 18 months into his presidency, Trump’s impeachment odds are the lowest they have ever been (falling from as high as 55% in early 2017 to 30% now, which I think is still way too high), when just a year ago the left was sure Trump would be packing his bags by now or having to testify. Congress wants to work with Trump now. Given how well things are going, especially wish the US economy doing so well and overall geopolitical stability, almost everyone on the ‘right’, including former ‘never Trumpers’, are now on board.