Scott Adams gets HBD Wrong

From Scott’s Periscope

Although I usually agree with Scott Adams, when political pundits start pontificating about HBD, they tend to sound misinformed, often misconstruing or getting the pro-HBD arguments wrong. Even someone as smart as Scott Adams gets it wrong.

When these so-called ‘racists’ talk about white superiority, they don’t mean at the individual level, but in the aggregate. The odds of a single white person being as innovative or unique as Benjamin Franklin are close to nil, obviously, but over a large enough sample size involving hundreds of millions of Whites over many generations, these small differences add up to major collective differences between races in terms of outcomes. Whites (if we also include Jews) pretty much conceived all of mathematics and science, since the Renaissance at least. We’re talking calculus, complex analysis, differential geometry, game theory, number theory, electromagnetism, theoretical physics. Never mind art, literature, and philosophy, which one can argue are subjective (and have many Eastern Asian contributors), but just the ‘hard sciences’. Regarding inventions, again, whites come out on top, by a huge margin. Whites invented operating systems, computers, electricity, plumbing, video, TVs, automobiles, etc….the list goes on and on. 97% of inventions originated from Europe since the 1600’s. It’s not ‘racism’, just the cold, hard data.

Scott also creates a strawman. White nationalists and supremacists don’t prize IQ above all–IQ is just one of many attributes of ‘white superiority’. There are other attributes: culture, tradition, history, etc. Even if you disagree, at least don’t misconstrue the other side’s argument, because it’s painfully obvious that you’re not interested in serious intellectual debate, but rather just labeling and virtue signaling.