Trump’s immigration bill

Sentiment = feels. Action=change. Which of these two do you think is more substantive. The immigration bill is not really a win for Trump, and such enthusiasm is like putting lipstick on a pig. If the bill fails, then the left wins by default and things remain unchanged, unless the bill can be salvaged later. If the ‘4 pillars’ compromise passes, then amnesty is granted in exchange for some regulations that may slow the influx of immigrants a little, plus some funding appropriated for a wall. Trump’s best bet is not not sign anything that grants amnesty, and then if the bill fails hold the defecting GOP and the left accountable. But given that Trump caved-in on the child separation issue, owing to bad media optics and the billionaire donor class objecting, it seems amnesty is inevitable now. Capitulating on amnesty may make some of his far-right supporters upset, but it will not jeopardize his reelection hopes too much, because the far-right are not that big. Another problem is is, the wall requires separate legislation. If the wall is not codified into law, then the plan will be ditched if Trump loses, or after leaving office. Making it a law makes it harder to undo.

And in the tweet below (which has now been deleted, but I saved a screenshot) we see, as usual, the mainstream-right playing the dems-r-the-real-racists card. According to the right, ‘winning’ is proving that they are more hospitable/nicer to illegals than the left are, not winning as in enforcing the border and immigration laws. That would be mean and bad optics.

here is the Daily Caller link

The left wins because they are able to frame it as a humans rights issue, and the right plays along and thinks that by one-upping the left on human rights, they won, but in reality are just playing the left’s game.