Trump and Kim Meeting: Another Correct Prediction

It’s been a huge past few weeks for Trump:

1. Trump’s pardoning of Dinesh D’Souza, who convicted over some trivial matter, has received widespread support among his party. Many agree his conviction was motivated by politics than any serious wrongdoing.

2. Trump granting clemency to Alice Marie Johnson will help the ‘right’ win the black vote in time for mid terms, and help Trump’s reelection in 2020. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West endorsing Trump, who have huge fan bases, could tip the scales in Trump’s favor in 2020.

3. Trump meeting with and brokering a possible nuclear deal with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore, represents a major foreign policy milestone which Obama in all his eight years in office was unable to achieve. This agrees with my posts in 2016 (here, here, and here) about how Trump, due sharing similar masculine values as many leaders and having a similar IQ, is able to forge diplomatic ties that the left is unable to do. Dennis Rodman prefers Trump over Obama, another win. Millions of people on social media can agree that, contrary to the left’s narrative in 2016 that Trump would be bad for foreign relations, the opposite is happening in that Trump is thawing out old stalemates and relieving diplomatic tensions. Even Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, and David Cameron respect Trump and want to work with him, even if they disagree ideologically.

The stock market keeps going up. The S&P 500 is 20 points from reclaiming 2,800, on its way to 3,000 and eventually 4,000 soon. Unemployment is at nearly 2-decade lows. All indicators keep being better than ever. Inflation is low. The tariffs, as I correctly predicted months ago, are having no negative impact on the economy and stock market.

Twitter stock is above $40, only 33% below its high of $60 in 2014. Trump has brought new life into the Twitter, which in 2015-2016 was written off for dead. When the left had free reign over Twitter, its share price plunged, falling from as high as $60 to as low as $13, only to recover massively after Trump got into office. Coincidence? I think not. Millions of people follow Trump on Twitter to read his latest updates, and in the process weakening the CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC left-wing TV media stranglehold. Facebook, Amazon, and Google stock also keep going up, as I predicted many times on the blog they would, as further evidence of how the left-wing media is losing its grip, both on the US economy and in the hearts and minds of people. Left-wing, low-IQ retail such as Target is losing ground to smart retail such as Amazon. The left wants people to be outraged over privacy concerns so people stop using Facebook and Twitter and instead watch CNN and MSNBC to be brainwashed by their propaganda.