Are the elites worried about Trump? Not really

It’s evident Vox Day does not like Ben Shapiro

This ties in with an announcement by Trump on Twitter about “whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump campaign for Political Purposes”:

Odds are nothing will come of it.

The general theme by Vox and others is that the liberal/elite establishment/order is scared and faltering. As I have argued before (here, here and here), such celebration is not just premature, but completely unsupported by any empirical evidence. If you want to believe that the left-wing (but also neocon-elite) elite are scared of yet another empty Twitter threat, go ahead.

Trump in 2016 during the second debate promised that if he won he would try to prosecute Hillary. After winning, he dropped it. This was a politically savvy and predictable move on his part, because he acknowledges and understands the power of the Clintons and the left-wing establishment, or maybe he was advised to do so.

Promised to save jobs/return jobs to America. The economic non-feasibility notwithstanding, it seems no effort or progress has been made. Despite all the hype over the ‘carrier deal’, which myself and others correctly noted was a dud, nothing further has happened. Maybe the tariffs are supposed to save jobs, but the general consensus by economists is that tariffs do not create jobs.

DACA was a disappointment.

The travel ban excludes Sunni-Muslim countries that actually engage in state-sponsored terrorism and is so porous as to be useless anyway. Banning Saudi Arabia (and the whole Arab League) would hurt diplomatic and economic relations, which is why it was excluded despite being the main culprit.

Cancelling the Iran nuclear deal played into the hands, intentionally or not, of the right-wing establishment. Same for the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Wall has not happened, but it was a long-shot to begin with.

Remember in March 2017 when Trump tweeted about drug prices being too high? Whatever happened with that? To his credit, he is working on it. Or a month ago about Amazon costing the post office ‘big money’? Economics dictates that innovation and low drug prices cannot coexist, as I will discuss later. Progress has been very slow, and ‘the establishment’ knows that by running down the clock, Trump won’t be able to do much.

The European-left is not worried about Brexit because even the most optimistic estimates are that nothing will be implemented until 2022, earliest, and it will not stop Islamic immigration into Europe.

I implore anyone to find two examples of how Trump has struck fear into the hearts of the establishment. I cannot think of any. If it’s as obvious as Vox and others says it is, then surely coming up with two should be easy. Had he stuck with his promise to to prosecute Hillary then that would be one example.