Vox Day vs. Jordan Peterson, Take 5

The one-sided Vox Day vs. Jordan Peterson feud is the gift that keeps on giving. The whole thing is amusing. Dr. Peterson will not respond. Vox Day will not relent.

One of Vox’s arguments against Jordan Peterson is that he is is ‘false opposition’–that is, Dr. Peterson is intentionally misleading his followers by pretending to be opposed to the ‘establishment’ when he is not. Memo to Vox: nobody is fooled. If you go on Jordan Peterson’s official sub, /r/Jordan_Peterson, there is no moral panic that Dr. Peterson is not far-right. Over on the /r/The_Donald, where Dr. Peterson is also highly regarded, there is no disillusionment either. Its not like “OMG… the great Vox Day exposed Dr. Peterson for not being a far-right Christian…we must disavow at once!” They know Dr. Peterson is no Aleksandr Dugin, and they don’t have any expectations of such. It’s like Vox Day just learned professional wresting is fake and is running around telling everyone that the The Undertaker is not actually an undertaker.

An argument can be made that moderates such as Peterson and Shapiro are siphoning members from the far-right, but that is not their fault if others by their own volition choose to join their respective causes. For many reasons, Jordan Peterson’s and Ben Shapiro’s anti-SJW brand of conservatism/centrism resonates with a lot of people, particularly young people, like it or not, whereas both right-wing andleft-wing identity politics and the far-right and far-left have been on the decline since Trump’s win. They know that although Dr. Peterson is only right-of-center, he’s much more on their side than the right-wing establishment. Ben Shapiro and Dr. Peterson raise valid points about SJWs, campus free speech, Islam, IQ, western civilization, biology and gender differences, feminism, etc., and that is reason enough to support them. It was Dr. Peterson and Ben Shapiro who immediately covered the the James Damore story and gave him a platform, when the mainstream right was silent.

If some people actually have expectations of Dr. Peterson as being a right-wing ethno nationalist, how is it Dr. Peterson’s fault when he many times explicitly says he is not that. Vox says Dr. Peterson is a snake, but it’s pretty obvious Dr. Peterson has made his intentions apparent that he is not alt-right, so if Dr. Peterson is trying to deceive, why would he disavow being associated with the very thing that Vox claims he is trying ingratiate himself into?

Are high-IQ Peterson fans such such as Davis Aurini, Stefan Molyneux, and Roosh among the deceived? I doubt it. I’m sure they are smart enough to know if Dr. Peterson is trying to pull fast one on them. They understand, much like 99.9% of Dr. Peterson fans, that he is not alt-right, an athno-nationalist, or a right-winger, and thus don’t need Vox Day’s help in ‘exposing’ Jordan Peterson.

Vox Day also posits that Jordan Peterson’s success was not grassroots, but rather due to Dr. Peterson’s ‘UN connections’. Apparently, Dr. Peterson was involved with some UN event that John Podesta was a part of in 2013, and then to return the favor, this cabal thrust Dr Peterson in the limelight in 2017, timing it with the C-16 Bill. Nevermind the four-year gap that makes such a conspiracy already more implausible than it already is.