Trump analysis

Trump signed a spending bill which was, predictably, underwhelming. Some pundits are arguing that that Trump may be impeached if the GOP loses the House, or that Trump may lose in 2020 due to waffling on important issues. As I said before, politics is about identity and affiliation first and logical consistency and issues second. This is why Trump still has a decent shot of winning even if he does not do much about immigration, by running on the strength of the US economy. Second, rather than building a wall, through trade renegotiation, tariffs, and other policy, he can effectively extract the money that would otherwise go into building it. During his reelection campaign he can say, “By renegotiating NAFTA, I saved Americans $25 billion, which will go into building the wall if I am reelected,” or something like that. Regarding Trump’s numerous personal scandals, one of Trump’s strengths is that he does not elevate himself as being a person of unimpeachable moral character. Obama had the opposite problem, so a scandal would have been much worse for him. If the GOP losses the House, the odds of the Democrats trying to impeach Trump are slim…I would put the odds at maybe 10%. Neither side wants the political instability that would arise from impeachment.