Vice Media tries to defame Jordan Peterson, fails

A Vice Media corespondent recently interviewed Dr. Jordan Peterson at his home. By referring to Dr. Peterson as an infamous intellectual instead of a famous one, Vice’s bias is immediately evident. Because Vice refuses to release the full interview, it’s difficult to comment on it. Judging by the up-vote/down-vote ratio and comments, the viewers know Vice is full of shit and intellectually dishonest:

Dr. Peterson makes some comments about sexism in the workplace and how women wearing makeup and high heels at work is possibly problematic. One can infer that Dr. Peterson is ‘victim blaming’, but without the full interview it’s hard to know the context. Based on the redacted footage, Dr. Peterson may be intimating that there is a double standard in that woman are allowed to exude sexuality at work, without consequence, but men are not allowed to exude masculinity, which I think is a valid point. But also, if women want to be seen as equals at work, they cannot expect preferential treatment and standards. There is possibly a bias regarding HR departments being being too punitive against men. Similar to the Sam Harris interview, Dr. Peterson seems to lose his train of thought, but again, being that it’s Vice Media, the video is probably heavily edited to make Dr. Peterson look somewhat befuddled. But also, the media wants simple solutions and Dr. Peterson is correct that complicated problems will not yield to simple, convenient solutions. At this point, Vice should stop calling what they do journalism, when it amounts to little more than a Stalin show trial.