Charlottesville: Poor Security To Blame?

The mistake was poor security of the venue. The majority of Klan and Nazi rallies are uneventful. Antifa add a new dimension to the problem, since they tend to be aggressive. But fighting back creates poor optics in the media, which is why the police, being impartial, need to keep both sides separated.

Here is a screenshot of excellent post that shows how antifa have been given carte blanche to take matters into their own hands, but targets of antifa violence are unable to fight back:

‘Punching Nazis’ is considered so fun and harmless that it’s meme-worthy, but punching antifa in self-defense (who are the ones initiating the violence), is a crime and not a joking matter, apparently. Yet again, the left sets the window of allowable discourse and behavior.

In the coming days and weeks, the truth will be revealed as personal accounts, both by the police and attendees, trickle in.

Although Snopes debunks the stand-down order, that doesn’t mean the police did an adequate job. But another problem is that there were probably simply too many people, between both sides, making it hard to provide sufficient security.