Patreon CEO Jack Conte Disingenuous Explanation for Lauren Southern Banning

How is that much different than being part of a protest and or leading a protest or demonstration? It’s like OWS or BLM holding hands and blocking traffic, except it’s a ship and not cars.

From the comments, the boats weren’t recuse boats; rather they were intended to ferry migrants:

Except they didn’t disrupt a refugee ship..they were going to pick up refugees and send then back to the their country. These NGO boats are not rescue boats you idiot. They are actively importing people into europe illegally. Human trafficking operations are being done in Libya BECAUSE of these NGO boats. Your politics is ABSOLUTELY why you banned Lauren’s account. You are holding the purse strings over peoples heads in order for them to act in a way you agree with. That alone is why I hope Patreon fails until their behavior changes.

Here is the full story: Lauren Southern Detained By Italian Coast Guard for Attempting to Block Illegal Migrant Boats

During a livestream broadcast on Periscope, Southern explained that the large ship they were trying to stop is called the Aquarius, a German NGO boat, which has been illegally bringing migrants from the Libyan Sea to Sicily. Southern explained that the ship was on their way to go pick up more migrants, and she was hoping to stop them.

More highlights:

Even if the SJWs control the platforms, they are losing in the court of public opinion as evidenced by the high down-vote ratio for this video:

In other words, their bullshit is transparent.

Let this be a wake-up call: The internet (or at the very least, 75% of the internet) hates SJWs. They hate the left-wing tech bias. They hate BLM, antifa, and campus protesters, and their stupid, vapid attention-seeking antics. We’re not even talking alt-right, but anyone who supports the free and peaceful dissemination of ideas.