Reactionary Future, MacIntyre, and Communitarianism

This is many months old but deserves mentioning; in his penultimate post, Reactionary Future (RF) retires from bogging, expressing frustration with what he perceives as NRx decaying into just another derivative form of Protestantism/Calvinism in the tradition of Mises, Hume, Adam Smith etc. Here are some pertinent passages: I have become extremely convinced that the… Continue reading Reactionary Future, MacIntyre, and Communitarianism

Gnon’s Wager

‘Gnon insurance’ is a way to profit from the inevitability of techno-commercialism as one of the major constituents of the so-called ‘new world order’. This entails holding shares of companies that are most likely to accede to power under such a system, namely Google, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook, which are the most promising candidates… Continue reading Gnon’s Wager

Global ‘Power Vacuum’ Will be Filled by America and China

From Richard Fernandez Not a King, but the King of Beggars: The narrative that Russia — a country with an economy smaller than Italy — smaller than New York State’s — will take over the world is less compelling than than the alternative thesis: that the tide of chaos is rising across the planet. With… Continue reading Global ‘Power Vacuum’ Will be Filled by America and China

Defining and Understanding Rationalism

Rationalism can have two definitions: first, a community that call themselves Rationalists, that read ‘high-IQ sites’ such as Marginal Revolution, Less Wrong, and Slate Star Codex, and according to various surveys, identify as liberal, are atheist or agnostic, and, in general, hold a ‘realist’ philosophical worldview. Second, an epistemological approach–to try to see the hidden… Continue reading Defining and Understanding Rationalism