Gnon’s Wager

‘Gnon insurance’ is a way to profit from the inevitability of techno-commercialism as one of the major constituents of the so-called ‘new world order’. This entails holding shares of companies that are most likely to accede to power under such a system, namely Google, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook, which are the most promising candidates for a tehno-commercialistic government. There are one of two outcomes: societal collapse (IMHO, unlikely)–or–transition to type-1 civilization in which the aforementioned companies dominate and “capital” continues to grow relative to total global wealth. This new leadership is certainly not going to be low-IQ companies such as Walmart or Target. Let’s assume you have $10k…if there is collapse, it goes to zero. But if there is ascension, such investments could conceivably be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, so the expected value even if the probability of either outcomes is 50%, is still positive–and possibly infinite. This is like Pascal’s Wager, but applied to singularitarianism instead of heaven.