The Slow Presidency

The news and blog cycle has been like tumbleweeds of late…who would have guessed that the Trump presidency would be such a yawner. I did, but still even kinda surprised by how slow things have been. Of course , things can change. In 2000, the big issue was privatizing Social Security…a little thing called 911 ended that. Kinda disappointing but not surprising how Ivanka and Kushner have interjected themselves into the presidency as much as they have, receiving the same security clearance as the President and advising him on policy…it reeks of nepotism, and voters voted for Trump, not his family. This is just more evidence how the status quo tends to prevail in the end, which is why politics and the news is a waste of time, because nothing ever changes. For example, yet another shooter, courtesy of the ‘religion of peace’.

That’s why the only good democracy is no democracy.

Trump will not drain the swamp, but he will not be a failure either. There will be no recession or bear market under Trump (right now, still long tech stocks such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, with significant personal profits on all of them), nor any wars nor major blunders. Like Obama, Trump will–if underwhelmingly so–carry out his perfunctory duties as President of the United States, handily beating the expectations of his detractors and the liberal media, but possibly falling short of his biggest fans. He’s not a ‘god emperor’. Immigration reform may happen, but it won’t matter anyway, because existing legal immigrants and their descendants have already irrevocably changed America’s democratic. The process of deportation is so slow and there are so many illegals…odds are, nothing Trump can do will make a dent in it.