Trump and China Relations Strengthen: Another Correct Prediction

Who would of guessed that despite Trump’s campaign rhetoric, Xi Jinping and Trump would become pals? Trump Rips U.S.-Russia Relations, Opens Up to China:

The dire descriptions of fault lines between Washington and Moscow stood in stark contrast with the praise and appreciation Trump heaped on President Xi Jinping of China, with whom he said he forged “very strong bonding” during discussions last week in Florida. Hours of conversations at Mar-a-Lago about trade,

In another in a series of notable reversals from his campaign rhetoric, Trump declined to label China a currency manipulator during an interview with the Wall Street Journal Wednesday. Trump’s senior advisers turned aside questions about whether the “good chemistry” between Trump and Xi produced any kind of tangible cooperation between the two leaders in the wake of their Florida summit.

Looks like I am right (so far) in predicting a strengthening of China-US relations under Trump.