YouTube Censorship

This story is going viral: The three reasons YouTubers keep imploding, from a YouTuber

Allow me to extrapolate on a meme those kids today are using: “Dude, you had one job. And it looked like a really easy one.” Let’s Players, streamers or content creators, whatever you like, get to play video games and make jokes while doing so. It seems like a dream gig, so why even risk these sort of gaffes? Why do people risk their jobs for jokes or mistakes that seem easy to avoid?

As the quote above shows, it’s easy to want to blame the victim, but the problem is that YouTube goes after much smaller publishers as well, quite frequently, often for arbitrary or small reasons, and resolving such content disputes is Kafkaesque, taking weeks, as Davis Aurini himself documents. Often someone (usually a competitor) will flag a video and then YouTube will pull it and suspend the account or put a restriction on the length of videos (often a 15 minute length restriction for flagged accounts), citing ‘copyright infringement’, which is Google’s favorite boilerplate explanation even though nothing was actually infringed upon and no DMCA report was made. Such ‘infringement’ could be trivial as a ringtone or a 10-second clip of some music on a TV in the background, or a midi file from a video game made 25 years ago. My advice: remove all content that has any sort audio or visuals that you personally did not compose, and to take it further, don’t have any sort of music at all. Google/YouTube is out of control.

There’s an apparent double standard, right? Comedians tell AIDS jokes, Holocaust jokes, 9/11 jokes and much more. When a popular YouTuber does it, it’s suddenly being reported by the media (and, cough, other YouTubers). Didn’t George Carlin once say no topic is off limits?

Yeah. But like most comedians, he also spent a lot of his time writing those jokes, refining them, trying them in smaller clubs before his big venues, commiserating with his peers, etc. A “secret” of successful comedians is you don’t just spit out jokes that come to you. You develop bits, callbacks, sets, etc. There are legit reasons that Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, and Jim Jefferies get away with questionable jokes and JohnnySephiroth315 doesn’t.

The left almost never punches left–that’s the correct reason. And failing that, there is an entire unwritten law about which jokes comedians can and cannot tell, depending on race of said comedian. The left say they want an ‘honest, open discussion about race’, provided it goes in the direction they want…how convenient.