SJW/liberal Cathedral vs. Tehnocommercialism Cathedral

Perhaps there are two ‘cathedrals’–the SJW/liberal one, which we are all familiar with, and a technocommercialist one (Nick Land alluded to something similar year ago, but I don’t remember the post), and the two are at odds with each other. Technocommercialism seeks to secede from the former, a process some call ‘exit’. The latter is probably preferable to the former and, IMHO, more likely to ‘win’ than the former, but technocommercialism has its own drawbacks–it tends to be globalist, supports high-IQ immigration (which boosts GDP growth, but over the long-run will change the national demographic), and believes in the supremacy of capitalism and science, subscribing to a materialistic and positivist view of the world and rejecting forms of idealism and mysticism.

Characteristics of the SJW/liberal cathedral:

In general, it’s bigger; has a larger coalition as measured by legions of low-information Democratic voters, SJWs, and BLM; controls media, entertainment industry, universities, and much of national government; low-IQ, dysgenic; slow growth and dying industries (such as TV media, publishing houses, and newspapers); relies on masses for support (power in numbers); neoliberal and social democracy; social justice is very important; nepotistic; very old and established institutions (such as Washington DC, New York Times, CNN, etc.); NYU, Brown, Dartmouth, and Pen; low-IQ immigration for cheap votes; George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky.

Tehnocommercialism cathedral:

Smaller, but very powerful and influential relative to its size; massive growth and booming industries with high profit margins (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Palo Alto Networks); very wealthy per capita, insular; high-IQ, eugenic; elitist, pragmatist, and consequentialist: 19th century progressive-liberalism; classical liberalism, neoliberalism, neoconservatism, techno-libertarianism; meritocratic; highly individualistic; high-information voters and supporters; skeptical of democracy or opposes it; high-IQ immigration for technology, but also low-IQ immigration for cheap labor; free trade, globalization; Harvard, MIT, Caltech, and Stanford; Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Ayn Rand, Paul Graham, George Gilder.

The first one is bigger but it’s slowly dying and or being subsumed by the second one, which is why I think tehnocommercialism will win in the end. Amazon is taking over left-wing retail (dumb stores such as Target, for example). Economically, Southern Europe and South America, which are social-democratic and low-IQ, are falling behind America and China. Facebook, Google, and Instagram are making ‘old media’ (such as Time and CNN) obsolete. Major TV networks have falling ratings and are losing money. University enrollment (except Ivy League) is falling, probably because parents and students are tired of going $100,000+ into debt to be lectured about ‘white male privilege’. BLM and SJWs are losing support, especially online. And, of course, Trump won, but he alone probably won’t undo decades of damage, but its a step in the right direction. Silicon Valley and Manhattan on a per capita basis are much wealthier than much of the nation and much smarter, which makes up for their small size. Despite Trump, Washington DC is a major bastion of far-left liberalism and will likely remain so unless the far-right is able to make greater inroads.