Snapchat goes public: another correct prediction

Back in June 2014 I predicted that Uber would be worth $50 billion and Snapchat, then valued at $13 billion, would be worth $30 billion. Today Snapchat stock began trading and the market cap is is around $28 billion, just $2 billion shy of my prediction. In 2014 it seemed inconceivable Snapchat would be so valuable, and yet it is despise the media’s insistence of Silicon Valley being a bubble.

Also Uber is now worth $60 billion, surpassing my prediction. The left’s allegations of sexism at Uber will not stick, and no one but SJWs care anyway.

As for Snaphat stock, presently trading at $25, there’s a good likelihood a year from now it will be higher, which is kinda a wishy-washy prediction, but generally it’s much harder to predict numerical values for individual companies after they go public than before.