Much Ado About Milo

Milo is in the news again for some comments he made..There’s Milo, theideological ally of the right…and then there’s Milo’s private life. I think you have to try to separate the art from the artist.

Some are saying Milo is in deep trouble. IMHO, he’ll be fine.

Losing the book deal was just a one-month setback in terms of pay. A month ago he had no book deal. Now he still, technically, has no book deal, but now he also has much more publicity than a month ago, due to all the media coverage surrounding the book deal and its subsequent cancellation, along with the Berkeley riots, which also generated a lot of news coverage. So now with all this publicity he can sell more books than ever before, either with a new publisher or on his own. He doesn’t seen Simmon & Cuckster to sell books.

Like Trump, Milo is a one-man media platform. He doesn’t need Twitter, Fox News, or Breitbart. No one cares about CPAC…they have been irrelevant for years, full of the same people who a year ago thought Trump would lose. If Milo is banished from all social media and TV platforms, he can just take to the internet to do his own podcasts, like Joe Rogan and others.

Milo is a like a ‘rock star’ to his hundreds of thousands of young fans, who will remain loyal even as the media turns against him. Milo is voice for a generation tired of liberal indoctrination and the hegemony of the liberal media and education system.

As others have noted, the ‘left’ has done far worse…with actual pedophiles and other sex offenders among the ranks of the left (Polanski, Woody Allen, Jeffrey Epstein, etc. ).

Another issue is the age of consent, in which the laws are different. In the UK it’s lower than in the USA, as someone astutely noted in the comments of Danger and Play:

Milo is anti-pedophilia and he’s spent his life taking out pedophiles. Calling him pro-pedophilia is a fucking disgraceful hatchet-job.

Now, the IMPORTANT context of Milo’s comments is that he is “the boy” not “the man” in the relationships in question.

He is referring to himself as a 17 year old when he began a 10 year relationship with a 29 year old (16 is legal age in UK). That is important. They try to spin it like he’s the man who wants underage boys, when he’s the LEGAL age boy in a relationship with older men. Changes context completely.

And separately when Milo speaks of 13 year olds consenting, he’s again speaking about himself. He was raped as a boy repeatedly. This is his way of coping with it. Trying to pretend like he could consent. It’s common amongst rape victims (especially child rape victims) to try and say that they were at fault or they weren’t really raped.

This is the truth.

Milo should bring these points up and use them to re-frame the argument. He’s an anti-pedophile journalist who fought and took down pedophiles. But he was raped as a child and is going through some of the psychological trauma of it.

Yeah this is pretty sad and depressing stuff.

Milo’s mistake would be to show contrition to the media that seeks to destroy him; rather he needs to firmly reiterate his position, yet remain defiant, and then drop the issue, and then maybe get some counseling.