Thomas Sowell Retires

Thomas Sowell Retires: My Farewell Column

Dr. Sowell was right about the inferiority of communism and the superiority capitalism (you didn’t have to be a genius to see either, as if mass starvation under communist regimes wasn’t evidence enough it was a bad ideology). But he is almost literally (given his age) a relic of the 60-90’s era Republican party, given his outdated and hawkish views on Russia, his denial of HBD regarding Black vs. White achivement, his support of Cruz during the 2016 election, his idealization of democracy and the democratic process, and his failure to understand the alt-right and European/White identity. Although Dr. Sowell was skeptical of exporting democracy to the Middle East, he never renounced the institution of democracy, instead stressing the importance of informed and literate voters. The GOP won the economic war but lost the cultural one; for the left, it was the opposite. The cynic says that is by design, with both sides agreeing to give up some ground to get half of what they want. Democracy means settling for less. Throughout his long career, he also didn’t have many original thoughts on economics, being mostly an ‘explainer’, not a ‘theorizer’. He is right about minimum wages, but many others also came to the same realization.


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