Trump as Nixon

Although NRx rejects the democratic political process, it’s still pretty funny watching the hildlabeast crash and burn into the finish line. Last week I wrote that Hillary’s odds were too high and that Trump would overcome the Access Hollywood tape and mediocre debate performances, because his supporters, unlike SJWs, don’t care about that stuff – rather they are voting for someone who is giving them a voice – and he did. Trump has gained 13 points in the polls in just a week. Of course it could be just noise, but this is the most abrupt turnaround we’ve seen in the entire election, and it comes at a critical time – just seven days before voting. Trump is gaining about 1.5 points a day, and at this rate he’ll win. It’s almost unprecedented…this may be the biggest comeback in many decades of politics.

Nate Silver is frantically revising his odds upward for Trump, from only 15% when I wrote my article last week to now almost 30%. The bookies are giving Trump nearly 40% odds now, up from 15% last week.

All across America and around the world, people raise their arms in a wave-like motion for the new rock star of the world, Donald Trump. The Chinese like him, blacks, Saudis, Arabs, Hispanics – anyone and everyone who values masculinity and wants to share not only in Trump’s success, but become more successful themselves in aspiring to be like Trump. You go to China and you see murals and figurines of Trump. Many foreign leaders, who also share the same masculine values as Trump – unlike the effete and servile Obama, Donald Cameron, and Merkel – want to do deals with him, similar to how Nixon, who also had tough, no-nonsense demeanor, in 1971 ended trade embargoes with communist China after his well-received visit there. Breaking trade barriers seemed inconceivable at the time, but only Nixon could have pulled it off. Likewise, having Trump as president will create economic opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. Even political and business leaders of Mexico want to work with Trump, and Trump will give them a fair shake. Trump, first and foremost, understands the value of results and impartiality, and as he has done on The Apprentice, bring multiple parties to the bargaining table to resolve disputes in a strait-forward, fair, and objective manner.

In an era where politics and culture have become increasingly sexualized and intertwined, his comments make him more ‘relatable’. The left puts themselves on a pedestal of infallibility and virtue, with the role of the state to ‘perfect’ man…but people see that Trump is flawed and has the same proclivities as everyone else.