Trump’s Lewd Comments: Some Things to Keep In Mind

A couple days ago, video footage from 2005 emerged in which Trump made some supposedly lewd comments about women. Of course, the usual internet outrage and holiness signaling that we’ve come to expect, followed. Some things to keep in mind:

1. The liberal media is trying to create a narrative that Trump supporters are defecting in droves and that there is division and chaos within the ranks, when in reality the ones ‘defecting’ are those that never or only tepidly supported Trump, an example being John McCain.

2. The left doesn’t hold themselves to the same impossibly high standards that they hold Trump to. Far more filth comes out of Hollywood and the music industry than anything uttered by Trump, yet nary a peep of outrage by the left.

3. A prominent democrat has said (and done) far more vulgar things in private than Trump, and again, no outrage from the left.