Gnon Index (turning $10k into $95k)

Amazon, Facebook, and Google stock individually have far out-paced the S&P 500 since Jan. 2013:

And when combined (each weighted 33% in the portfolio and re-balanced annually), is up over 200% vs. just 60% for the S&P 500:

Investing $10,000 and using 3-1 leverage such as by using options would have turned into $95,000 in less than four years (excluding commissions). The only way to lose the initial $10k is if everything falls 30% or more, but that’s very unlikely given strong overall economic fundamentals for the US economy and the even stronger fundamentals for these companies.

Owning shares of these companies, which are the strongest candidates for carrying out the singularity and eventual control and dominance of the world, is a way to profit from the inevitability of the technological-commercialism:

‘Gnon insurance’ could be a way of profiting from the success and inevitability of the second cathedral, by buying and holding shares of companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, in the possibility that should the second cathedral accede to power that shareholders of aforementioned companies will have some power, be deemed ‘worthy’, or at least more power than those who do not own shares or resist techno-commercialism.

Also like: Visa (v), Mastercard (MA) and Paypal (PYPL) stock.

30% hypothetical annual returns compounded over 50 years (an adult lifetime) gives about a 500,000x return on investment. Although one can argue that the global economy will never be big enough to support such significant returns, somehow these companies will find a way. For example, if Amazon takes over all of retail, and eventually all physical and most digital commerce. And Google and Facebook take over media and advertising, over of all mediums. And also, global population growth, expansion of the global middle class, and productivity-enhancing technologies. The United States has a GDP of $17 trillion – 16% of the global total – but a population of just 330 million (4% of the global total). If the rest of the world catches up the Unites State’s standard of living, the economic growth will be immense. It will be like the entire post-WW2 economic expansion but multiplied by a magnitude of 100.