This is pretty funny…and maybe old news to some

The real identities of ‘Tyler Durden’ and Zero Hedge have been revealed

The identity of the bloggers running Zero Hedge has long been the subject of speculation in the financial community, with Ivandjiiski often cited as the likely source of much of the site’s content. As early as 2009, speculation that Ivandjiiski could be behind the blog appeared in US media, with a New York Post article titled “BLOGGER MAY HAVE A PAST” speculating that he was in fact behind Zero Hedge.

Ivandjiiski worked in a hedge fund before being kicked out of the securities industry during the height of the financial crisis in 2008 for insider trading, the report says.

The lady doth protest too much…all that ranting and raving about Goldman and Wall St. being manipulated, when they themselves (the bloggers behind ZeroHedge) are part of the very corruption they decry.

As Mike, myself, and others have noted, ZeroHedge’s business model, which is very lucrative, is to turn sensationalism and bad predictions into advertising dollars, pushing crappy investments unto their readers.