NRx and Capitalism

From Reactionary Future: Zizek nails it

The very architects of the Cathedral have been “Randian” heroes. The idea that capital will flee the Cathedral is absurd, as is the idea that the elite will shut up shop and walk – they made this mess and they think it is great.

Look at all the great fortunes that have been made by capitalist ubermensch – it all went to promoting leftism for fuck sake, which it will by default, as leftism is chaos. Even the counter example of Henry Ford is dubious – he did run for senate as a democrat. Just look at the current examples we have as well. Do you think Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are being forced to promote liberalism? really?

Seems like the Zeorhedge ‘recessionary utopia’, where greed, ambition, and self-interest doesn’t exist, and everything is slow and tranquil, with abundance for all – in other words, a society that can’t exist, as it conflicts with human nature and economics.

A theme of this blog is that technological progress/capitalism and liberalism need not be mutually inclusive. Historically speaking, SJW-liberalism is a new phenomena, yet the ‘arrow’ of technology, for thousands of years, has pointed forward. Technology and liberalism coexisting doesn’t prove that technology is the antecedent. Did technology and capitalism cause this to happen? Ford or Gates having some liberal tendencies doesn’t void their contributions to the economy and society in terms of productivity, job creation, and rising standards of living. Even Zuckerberg, if you can hold your nose at his political leanings, has created more economic value than probably a million SJWs combined.

As Mitt Romney and later Trump astutely pointed out, 51% of the country is on some form of unemployment or other government handouts. They, these ‘free loaders’, are the problem, not entrepreneurs. Another problem are people who are a drain on the system in terms of medical expenses, costing more in care than they return in economic value.

And furthermore, as I explain:

Technology may actually auspicious for the NRx or anti-democracy cause, hastening the decline of democracy and egalitarianism, with IQ and wealth as the new caste system in our hyper-competitive post-2008 economy. Social hierarchies and techno-commercialism can coexist.
Technologists and scientists like George Gilder, Razib Khan, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, and Matt Ridley, who may not necessarily subscribe to NRx, have voiced criticism and skepticism of the various tenets of liberalism, which include democracy, egalitarianism, and concern over anthropic global warming.

The UAE is an example of a monarchical government that rejects western norms of social liberalism, while embracing technology and capitalism.


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