Digital slueths expose ‘fat acceptance’ hypocrisy

To kick off 2016, another example of SJWs losing the narrative.

An Instagram selfie posted by Tess Holiday, who is a ‘plus size model’ and SWJ proponent of ‘fat acceptance’, is going viral on Twitter now – but not because of the selfie itself, which is otherwise unremarkable, but because of a handicap placard captured in reflection of the photo, thanks to a digital army of ‘autistic’ sleuths who notice everything.

This is part of the digital online army of fact checkers, who have the SJWs on the ropes by exposing their lies and hypocrisy.

It’s two fold: promoting ‘fat acceptance’ as healthy despite needing disability; second, and more damning, she is most likely one of those parasites who claims disability, at taxpayer expense, despite not having an actual disability. Or she is borrowing the placard, which could be a crime. A parking lot has a limited number of handicap spots, and here we have this narcissist who is apparently healthy enough to take selfies while driving, who parks in one of those spots that could otherwise go to someone with an actual disability, not someone who is addicted to food, which I guess nowadays makes you an ‘activist’. Third, taking selfies while driving endangers other drivers, potentially causing actual disability.


And on a related note, as more evidence SJWs losing the narrative online, this post about how videos games sexualize women was met with heavy down-votes.