Millennials Losing Faith in Democracy

This is great news for the ‘alt right’ cause: Are Americans losing faith in democracy?

Most millennials don’t think it’s essential to live in a democracy:

If you wonder why I write to much about Reddit and Millennials – this is why. There is a huge demographic here of people who are potentially repetitive to alternative, non-mainstream political ideas, be it NRx, HBD, Rationalism, Techno Libertarianism, Red Pill, and so on, as I discuss here.

Because millennials are so smart, the good news is this heightened intellectual curiosity makes them more receptive to unique/niche ideologies, like Red Pill, libertarianism, rationalism, effective altruism and MGTOW, that don’t fit squarely into a left/right dichotomy. We’re seeing millennials, especially on sites like Reddit and 4chan, take a keen interest in human biodiversity, as well as other perspectives and interests that could be deemed taboo by the antiquated liberal establishment.

And also, the post-2008 dissatisfaction with Obama, who made grandiose promises to his millennial base to get elected, few of which materialized.

Maybe millennials tend to hold views that are more ‘extreme’ or unconventional, either on the far-right or the far-left. The SJW movement represents the latter, and the ‘alt right’ the former, but I hesitate to call it ‘far right’ more so than just common sense, which is what it really is. To quote Kristol, being ‘mugged’ by reality is what turns a liberal into a conservative.

And even more importantly, millennials are more favorable to non-democratic rule than earlier generations:

Gamergate, for example, is a millennial-driven movement, as part of the post-2013 SJW backlash. Such millennials tend to be meritocratic, supporting a system where the best and the brightest rise to the top and keep what is rightfully theirs, but democracy is a system where the unproductive, unintelligent masses can take from the productive class, not by force, but by ballot. As part of the millennial mindset, individualism is celebrated over collectivism – to be a self-made man, intellectually and or financially, who calls the shots and lives life on his own terms either by embracing MGTOW or minimalism. Empiricism and rationalism are guiding principles, with consequentialism and maybe some machiavellianism, too. Democracy ultimately conflicts with human nature – rational wants, needs, and manifest observations – by incorrectly assuming people are irrational, or requiring people to suspend disbelief. People don’t rationally want to support a parasitic class. People don’t rationally believe individuals are equal when HBD renders some possibly better than others, with these differences manifested in real time in individual economic outcomes. Democracy, in effect, is just a false god that we are goaded into believing due to peer pressure and propaganda. To many millennials, the belief that wealth can be created by spreading it around from the most productive to the least is just as irrational as the belief in some omnipotent spirit.

One could argue that millennials are unhappy with democracy because it’s not liberal enough. It would have been nice if millennials were polled for their opinions for alternatives to democracy. But there is reason for hope. If just five percent of disaffected millennials are far to the right, that’s still millions of people.

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