Another Defeat for SJW-Left: Sweden opens world’s first male rape centre

The post-2013 implosion of the SJW narrative continues. This is going viral on Reddit:

Sweden opens world’s first male rape centre – A hospital in Stockholm is understood to be first in the world to set up an emergency department specifically for male rape victims. The clinic at Södersjukhuset opened on Thursday as part of a strategy to ensure “gender equal” patient care.

I guess ‘rape culture’, according to the left, only applies to male-on-female rape, not female-on-male rape. The commentariat agree, with hundreds of posts on Reddit and elsewhere in agreement:

Good. I have a male friend who is the victim of female rape. It’s absolutely disgusting that there is no where for him to go for help. Even if there was I’m doubtful he would now utilize it as he’s been led to believe that it wasn’t rape and that he’s being stupid for being affected by it. I hope that this centre is just the start and society realizes that this is an important issue that NEEDS to be addressed. It’s long overdue.

I have a friend who was raped by a woman, he’s a man. The penis does not always know the difference. She worked him up against his will.

He’s done pretty okay despite the trauma, mostly suffering from the concussion she gave him when she knocked him down with a plank. Sporadic headaches for instance. Thankfully she had no diseases. She was arrested. Not a drug addict or any such thing. Divorced mother of two with no previous charges.

like it or not male rape isn’t taken seriously. Especially in the US. There’s not such thing as a court advocate for a male victim. There’s little chance of proving it. And fewer than 10% of men would report being raped because no one would believe them.