The SJW Narrative Collapse

The Multicultural Narrative Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes

As I predicted in 2014, there is definitely evidence of SJW narrative collapse, especially on Reddit and elsewhere, with the rise of Red Pill, Dark Enlightenment, and other anti-SJW movements and ideologies. Online, whenever a story breaks out about the public school war on boys or about false rape accusations, the overwhelming majority of comments are against the SJWs, and we’re not talking about conservative websites, but sites like Reddit that have a broad appeal. For example, I was on Reddit in early August following the Ferguson melee, and I estimate at least 3/4 of the users were on the side of the police and against ‘black lives matter’. Anti-police comments were summarily down-voted.

Although the 1st amendment does protect speech, it won’t prevent you from getting fired, which is probably the SJWs most potent weapon – getting people shit-canned. With any luck, maybe the Overton window of the offline world will eventually align with that of the online world, but for now in the ‘meatspace’ liberalism and public relations still dominates. And then for most jobs the supply of labor vastly exceeds demand, so unless your job is irreplaceable, employers will almost always have a queue of candidates lined up to take your job should you become an unnecessary public relations ‘burden’.