Anita Sarkeesian Supports Classroom Segregation

From Michael Cernovich’s Twitter (and from his blog, Crime and Federalism):

I’m amazed she hasn’t deleted her tweet suggesting that segregating classrooms by race and gender could improve learning. HBD-based solutions are never allowed by the ‘pro science’ ‘tolerant’ ‘open minded’ left if the results could be interpreted to mean that protected minorities are inferior at cognitive tasks compared to whites and non-protected minorities. This is why the left is so adamant about doing away with the SAT and IQ tests, which originally were created to help the economically disadvantaged to get into elite schools, because certain minorities don’t score as high as others. The left wants to do away with these tests because forcing equal outcomes is more important creating than equal opportunities. Liberals like Larry Summers, or even feminists like Tim Hunt, aren’t immune from public shaming by the left for expressing views that run affront of the ‘blank slate’ leftist orthodoxy, as yet further examples of the ‘pro science’ left picking and choosing the science they want to believe in.

And, yes, although Anita Sarkeesian is the scourge of Gamergate and ‘the right’, that doesn’t change the fact that maybe there is some truth to her statement. Although black academic achievement has proved markedly since Brown vs Board of Evacuation, achievement for whites has also improved, so the black-white gap remains as wide as ever, according to

Black student achievement, nationwide, and in every state, has improved at a spectacular rate since Brown. Although we don’t have a reliable measure of achievement going back very far in time, we have good data for the last few decades, from the federal sampled test of math and reading, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). It shows, for example, that black fourth-graders now have average math scores that are better than average white math scores only a generation ago. Yet because average white achievement has also improved, the gap between black and white achievement remains. The average black student still performs better than only about 25 percent of white students, making the goal of equal qualification for the labor market a distant and daunting goal.7

The black-white achievement gap has remained persistent since the availability of data going as far back as the 60’s, with blacks consistently lagging whites at standardized test results, educational attainment, and income. If Brown was supposed to close this gap, it has obviously failed.


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