Social Hierarchies and Techno Libertarianism are Compatible

An interesting pot by ‘NRx safe’ Equality creates Conflict

When those on the traditional right talk about societal hierarchies, they may mostly be referring to gender roles, and this is valid, but the hierarchy also exists in the HBD-sphere as it pertains to IQ, which is America’s new caste system that is playing an increasingly important role in socioeconomic outcomes. This is what separates NRx from the rest of traditional right in that the former believes that the biological differences between individuals makes egalitarianism not not only impossible, but that some people by virtue of traits like IQ are biologically ‘better’ than others, a view that tends to conflict with Christian conservatives, who believe in redemption through faith, not biology.

Techno Libertarianism can be compatible with NRx beliefs of biological preordination because those who succeed or fail in the marketplace have the innate skills and talents to do so (a high-IQ, for example), while those who are lacking fall behind, in what could be called ‘Social Darwinism 2.0’. I added the 2.0 to indicate a revival of Social Darwinism as a defining characteristic of the post-2008 economy, in that those who are not participating in the recovery may not be smart enough, hence ‘unfit’. In agreement with the writings of Charles Murray in his prescient 1995 book The Bell Curve, socioeconomically, the cognitive elite running circles around everyone else, an this is especially obvious in the post-2008 economy, and those who are not smart enough to adapt to the changing economic conditions are falling behind.

Ethno nationalists/traditionalists of NRx argue that immigration and the disruption of traditional values also plays a role in people falling behind, in addition to biological factors like race and IQ, whereas technologists and free-market exponents like Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel* tend to dismiss the concerns of ethno nationalists and traditionalists. This relates to the divide between the rapidly shrinking capitalistic wing of NRx vs. the ethno nationalist/traditionalist majority.

People who embrace Equality are actually unaware of human nature.

I would take it even further to say that human nature is only playing a partial role, and that autonomous economic forces are also behind the left’s failure in the pursuit of equality.

* This only pertains to free market capitalism, not views of race & IQ, which in regard to Andreessen and Thiel are unknown