The Trump Surge & Skepticism

Even though I have been critical of Donald Trump in some of my posts, if he wins I won’t be disappointed. Pundits like Erick Erickson, who has received blowback for not being in the Donald camp, also won’t be disappointed and would much prefer a Trump victory over a Hillary or Sanders one, as would I. Just because you aren’t a Trump cheerleader doesn’t mean you want the other side to win or that you’re disloyal to the Conservative cause. There are other Conservative candidates.

One problem with Trump is that he has no political experience, and so, besides his political promises and business acumen, we have no way of ascertaining how he will govern. If Trump is as good of a president as he is a businessman (going bankrupt in the Casino industry no less, where you’re legally allowed to put the odds in your favor), we may be doomed. The Republicans who are tough on debt ignore or fail to realize that Trump is a huge debtor; his whole business depends on external funding to bail him out of bankruptcy again and again. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want him as president, but he’s far from infallible. As everyone knows, he inherited his money, and he would have gotten better returns just sticking it in an index fund. He’s just not as savvy with money as his public image suggests.