The Daily View: Coding Camps, Billionaires, Airport to Nowhere, Liongate

No, billionaires don’t drive economic growth – and crony billionaires strangle it

The article gets the cause and effect wrong. A billionaire by himself doesn’t create economic growth; a person becomes a billionaire by creating value, which creates growth.

Some people, through their inventions, ingenuity, effort, IQ…etc, create more economic value than others, and these people are rewarded through the free market with more wealth than others, some even becoming billionaires. In the case of Steve Jobs, for example, his leadership of Apple leading to the development of the iPod and iPhone spawned an entire ecosystem of apps, music and peripherals that indirectly created billions of dollars of value. Same for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. An alien didn’t just dump these billionaires on earth; often they created some value or service that lead to them becoming rich. Is it not fair that people who create more economic value than average also have more money than average?

Form the NYT As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change

Companies cannot hire fast enough. Glassdoor, an employment site, lists more than 7,300 openings for software engineers, ahead of job openings for nurses…

This agrees with the post-2008 hollowing out of the middle theme – lots of of opportunities for high-IQ employment (coders) and the polar opposite: lots of demand for low-paid service workers and bedpan changers. It’s like if you’re IQ is not in the top 10-25% of the population, go directly to the low-income, do not go pass go, do not collect $60-100k a year.

I’m very suspicious of the claim that these boot camps can turn novices into job-ready professionals in just 3 months. There’s too much to learn and unless you’re one of those high-IQ people who has an aptitude for math, as the example in the article, you won’t be competent enough get a job and, to make things worse, you’ll also be out $10,000.

Instead, if you’re not smart enough to work in tech, take that $10k and buy Facebook, Google, Amazon or QQQ stock using in-the-money-call options. You can leverage 5-1 and make $30k a year from a $10k account doing this. The tech boom has much further to go. You don’t need to be a member of Mensa to ride an obvious bull market trend.

A new $4 billion LaGuardia Airport is coming

This was on the front page of Business Insider out of hundreds of possible stories. As far as New York is concerned, $4 billion is just a rounding error in the grand scheme of things. The fact this is considered major news is reflective of the slow news cycle we find ourselves perpetually mired in – a world where we’ve becomes spoiled by our unprecedented peace and prosperity. It’s such a slow news cycle that the the biggest story is not an actual news event – but a new portmanteau, Cuckservative, which in the past week has been spreading like wildfire throughout the blogs and major news sites. And coverage of Donald Trump is also fading, as he has stopped making attention-seeking remarks.

Now the big news is some guy, Walter Palmer from America, shot a lion in Zimbabwe – but not just any lion – this was a special one, Cecil the lion. What is ignored by the liberal media is that Walter Palmer’s $50,000 permit, which is like a huge donation, helps Zimbabwe’s game wardens, who protect the animals in the park. Want to guess how much money has the sanctimonious holier than thou left, who are outraged about the slain lion, will donate? My guess is zero. The left is all talk, no action.