In Defense of MGTOW, Part 2

Matt Forney’s anti-MGTOW article is going viral.

There are better targets – from feminists, to SJWs, to overpaid liberal arts professors – than MGTOW which, with the exception of some issues, is ideologically aligned with the Red Pill hegemony, and in many topics – such as feminism, political correctness, SJWs, or economics – MGTOW is almost indistinguishable from Red Pill. But the MGTOW choose a different, perhaps more introverted way of life and are less interested in ‘hooking up’ or ‘game’, and this is where the acrimony arises, reminiscent of the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry of the 90’s where you have two groups that are fundamentally the same, but are constantly at each other’s throats over some small matters that got blown out of proportion.

I find the acronym MGTOW useful as a way of codifying a lifestyle and philosophy that eschews political correctness and other societal norms to instead ‘go your own way’ – both physically (to live as a self-sufficient individual) and philosophically (to believe in empirical reality as a guiding principle of life). This is similar to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, which states that one’s moral purpose of life is to pursue happiness and fulfillment in a free-market system, that knowledge and understanding is attained through sensory perception, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning – not faith or mysticism. The decision to ‘go your own way’ arises after one realizes that the empirical reality doesn’t align with the politically correct narratives that they were brought-up believing, so it behooves the intrepid and the curious to seek the truth and in doing so you ‘go your own way’. But for men who are living with their parents, in college, or renting and don’t yet have the financial means to ‘go their own way’ in the physical sense, MGTOW can also be a state of mind, similar to how Red Pill is both a philosophy and a lifestyle.

MGTOWs aren’t interested in dating not because of misogyny or because we’re ‘losers’, but because MGTOW is based on choosing empirical reality over societal norms, and the immutable biological differences between men and women, which is based on empirical evidence and scientific fact, makes meaningful relationships difficult. This biological friction, as well as the ‘misandry/Gynocentrism bubble’, is why so many men find themselves dragged through the mud of life-draining relationships. MGTOWs, who see men touch the stove and get burned, know not to touch the stove. Sometimes it’s better not to play if the game is rigged.

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