Greece … Much Ado About Nothing

Funny tweet by Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker:

Liberal website is fanning the flames of crisis for clicks and ad dollars:

Larry Summers wrote the scariest op-ed you’ll read this month

Haven’t we seen this movie a thousand times already? Unless you read 1000’s of op-eds in a month, that doesn’t sound too scary. Hasn’t Greece been ‘on the brink’ since 2010? Yaaawn wake me up when heads roll…or something interesting like that.

Greece, like Crimea in 2014, is just an other dip buying opportunity. Greece’s economy is no bigger than that of Rhode Island; economically speaking, Greece is a drop in the bucket. In 2011, during the depths of the European debt problem, I told people to ignore the doom and gloom and to buy the dips, and the S&P 500 has surged nearly 75% since then. People like myself are the ones who keep being right, despite our lack of media credentials. Doom & gloom sells, not sanity. The people who are right get the least attention.


Ignore the Doom and Gloom Narratives
Ignore the Doom and Gloom Media