Bernanke is Right

He’s right: Bernanke sees no risk of hard landing in China, bullish on U.S. economy

Not only does Bernanke deserve a standing ovation for saving the day in 2008 (along with Paulson and Bush), he’s right about the US economy still being fundamentally sound and about China not having a crash landing, as much as the libs want the US and Chinese economy to fail. Especially for high-IQ people, things keep getting better than ever and no amount of whining by the doom and gloom liberal media will change this, sorry. The left has been predicting a China hard landing since 2005 and they still keep being wrong, just like the left has been predicting a bear market and recession since 2009, to no avail. People like me keep being right, making money in stocks & expensive real estate, all the while laughing at the idiot leftists who are still waiting for the shoe that will never drop or the black swan that will never arrive. Volatility will keep falling, so that’s why I short VXX. Buy the retail etf (XRT), Healthcare (XLV), S&P 500 (SPY), and large cap tech (QQQ). To big to fail policy may suck, but it’s been a success, and America still has reserve currency status. S&P 500 going to 2,400 soon. Dow 20,000. Nasdaq 7,000. A bet against the economy and the stock market is a bet against the high-IQ people who keep America economically exceptional; a bet against free markets, the fed, and the meritocracy – that’s a bet I sure as hell would never make.