Uncomfortable Truths

IMHO, one of the most pressing problems in society is this inviolable, pervasive discomfort surrounding the topic of IQ, in that educators, parents, and policy makers can’t come to grip with the reality that individuals below a certain threshold of intelligence are either less valuable to society (everyone is not equal) and or it would be a better use of public resources if such individuals were diverted from public schooling after attaining sufficient rudimentary knowledge and instead trained in vocational or service sector work. Normally, individuals with retardation don’t attend high school, but we think the threshold should be raised to an IQ of at least 90, or maybe the curriculum should be changed to teach the skills that would be most valuable to this subset of the population, who stand to benefit little from trying (and failing) to learn Algebra or world history.

Biological determinism is more relevant than ever in our increasingly competitive economy. If you find yourself falling behind in the post-2008 economic and stock market boom, you may way to get your IQ checked; you may not be smart enough to participate in the recovery. Or you may have majored in something worthless in college. Maybe you should have learned how to code, how to trade stocks, or how to buy real estate that always goes up (but if your IQ is not high enough, you will likely fail at these endeavors). But maybe, you can be a minimalist MGTOW, which is a popular choice for a lot of people these days. In our era of technological abundance and wealth creation, many are voluntarily dropping out. But I don’t mean dropping out like living in a remote cabin in a woods, but by by being alone without literally being alone. These are empirically minded STEM-centric people who value intellect, coding, the truth (even if it’s politically incorrect) and economics more than materialism and keeping up with their dull, uninteresting classmates on Facebook or Twitter. Social Awkwardness and Autism/Aspergers is becoming the ‘new normal’, the new ‘cool’, in America’s INCREASINGLY INTELLECTUALIZED ECONOMY AND CULTURE. Being a frugal, social isolated STEM person who lives a monastic lifestyle and possesses Spock-like logic and rationalism is the new ‘rockstar’ status, especially on sites like 4Chan and Reddit. That’s why I’m frugal to a fault. That’s why I always defer to the academic leteratre when in doubt. T