Things that I am sick of people complaining about

1. The market being manipulated/bubble. There was hardly a peep by the left about conspiracies when the markets crashed in 2007-09, but now the liberals on Zerohedge and Market Ticker are going on about shadow banking, dark pools, and other plots to make investors rich. Nevermind fundamentals such as blowout profits and earnings, blowout consumer spending, record-high exports, or that the America is in a technological renaissance – no it’s all a conspiracy. The left also insists that market manipulation makes it impossible for anyone to beat the market, yet smart people do so all the time with consistency that is characteristic of skill rather than just dumb luck.

2. Speculators. With oil and gas prices plunging 50% in 2014 there is much less whining about this, but there was not a peep from the left about speculators in 2008 when oil fell from $140 to $40. Apparently, according to the left, speculators can only make prices go up. To the left, when prices plunge it’s due to economic forces; when they rise, it’s because of greedy speculators. Perfect!

3. Police. ‘Hand up don’t shoot!’ and ‘I can’t breathe!’ have become rallying cries of the cognitively feeble. If you have the temerity to challenge the police, there is a a decent likelihood you will get your ass kicked.

4. Fox news. Again, not a peep from the left when MSNBC and the New York Times tried to fan the flames of crisis in 2008 to get Obama elected. Fox News was right about Obamacare cancellations (and Obama lying about being able to keep your plan), about Obama’s weakness on terror, about Obama being deferential towards Muslims, about Obama’s animus against the police who are trying to make the streets safe, about Obamacare being bad for job creation, about neo Keynesian economics failing, about the Tea Party being a major political force, and about Obama being an incompetent president, overall.

5. The debt being too high. Like it or not, the debt binge is sustainable. The question is: should policy makers keep wasting money on entitlement spending, or should we divert this spending to things that could help the economy and have a higher ROI, such as: the proposed high-IQ basic income, funding the future Facebooks and Teslas, more spending for high-IQ/gifted education, defense, and tax cuts? Why we are wasting so much taxpayer money on the least productive/useful members of society is the question we need to be asking ourselves, not getting mad about deficit spending.

6. Wealth inequality. News flash: people who contribute more to the economy earn more, too. And there is no empirical evidence that rising wealth inequality is hurting the economy. Maybe society – and the left – needs to comes to terms with the fact that biological determinism means not everyone is smart enough to participate in the recovery, or at least not all at once. Some will be left behind, and there is not much anyone can or should do about it.

7. Crusades. All this talk about crusades is irrelevant. Islamic terror is the issue now; it’s Muslims doing terror, not Christians. In the past decade, the number of incidents of Christian terror is negligible, versus thousands of victims and hundreds of incidents of Islamic terror.

8. College tuition costs/college being a bubble. The left blames the colleges, not the students who choose to take on too much debt to major in useless subjects. College has a good ROI for those who major in STEM and or graduate from a prestigious school.